"Bingo" is an absurd improvised comedy that I hope to eventually
produce as a feature project. It is my fourth project and I took on an additional role for it: actor. I'll admit I was something of a reluctant actor, but my friend Sue Mathies who helped me create the two characters in the film was great, always encouraging me to go for it. I originally created the character of Bingo while I was on vacation visiting Sue in LA. When she moved back east we started work shaping the character and she slowly developed her character of Thelma. We purchased a very colorful flower patterned dress for Thelma at a vintage clothing store called The Garment District in Cambridge, MA for six dollars. We also ordered a second set of fake teeth for Sue's character, I already had mine which I had bought in LA. With the basic characters ready to go, we put a three man crew together and drove off in my mother's car for two days of shooting. Bingo was produced for a budget of $600. We improvised most of the movie in the car and other parts at chosen locations.