Alan Gray Filmmaker Biography

Filmmaker Alan Gray wrote, directed, and produced short digital movies ranging from sci-fi horror to homage to 1930’s gangster films before turning his attention to documentary filmmaking.

“Faster Than A Fax Machine” was his first feature length documentary, a story following a year in the life of a subway performer Chris and bike messenger Bullet as they set out to make it in the music industry. The project has been screened at several New England area colleges and has been well received. Quoting The Weekly Dig: “Bullet’s battle with substance abuse and Wilhelm’s vivacious dedication are portrayed in equally compassionate and hopeful lights.”

Currently, Gray is pursuing two new projects. In July of 2009 he began work on the short documentary film “See You Tomorrow” where the past, present, and future are explored through the personal memories and opinions of four women ranging from age 83 to 98. The project is seeking funding to turn it into a documentary feature. In addition, Gray is completing a new feature length screenplay about three people overcoming mental illness through the bonds of friendship.