Bullet from
Faster than a Fax Machine

A personal history documentary is a video history that chronicles
the story of an organization, company, community or family
utilizing the latest in techniques. Each video will be customized
for the individual clients needs.

If a photo album could speak it might tell your life’s story, show
your personality, tell your jokes, hobbies you have, how you met
your spouse, the accomplishments that have made your life so
interesting. Grayfilms will utilize the words of each subject
interviewed, photo’s, archival footage with various formats and
professionally composed music, to capture your legacy for future
generations on DVD or Web file.

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“Faster Than A Fax Machine”

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Alan Has finished the feature length documentary "Faster Than A Fax Machine",
and has begun submitting the project to film festivals.
Check back to the news and events page for future updates.

Follow the day-to-day drama of a singer/songwriter and aspiring rapper/rocker as they set out to make it in the music industry.

Chris Wilhelm has been performing and writing songs since the age of 13 and has something to prove to himself and the music world.

After a short prison stint, the street-smart Garland "Bullet" Cook is more determined than ever to get the songs in his head recorded.

While balancing day-jobs with a never-ending love and passion for music, they remain undaunted by the many obstacles of the music business.

Humor and drama unfold as two very different artists taste both success and failure, while never giving up on their dreams.

Chris from Faster than a Fax Machine

Bullet from Faster than a Fax Machine

Chris from Faster than a Fax Machine

Director Alan Gray shooting a scene for "Faster Than A Fax Machine"